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Offline Pricing (Commission Basis)

Rate chart recognised by All Kerala Marriage Bureau Association

Like in other registered Bureaus, the clients shall pay Registration fee Rs. 3000/- (Three thousand only) and service charge 2% from the bride's side of the share received/given [amount +ornaments +car + property] and 3% from the groom's side to the Bureau.

2. When the service charge is calculated, if the amounts don't come as per the table given below, the client shall pay to our concern, the suitable minimum amount said in the table.

Any of the clients

A. Foreign Alliances From the Bride's side From the Groom's side
1. For arranging clients a U.S. Party 10 days salary 15 days salary
2. For arranging from western countries, other than US. (Australia, U.K. and New Zealand Etc.) 10 days Salary 15 days salary
3. For arranging clients in foreign countries other than Europe 10 days Salary 15 days salary
B. Domestic cases
4. For arranging proposals of professionals (Engineer, Doctor, Bank Officer, +2 Teacher, M.B.A., CA, B.Sc. Nursing LLB etc.) 25000/- 35000/-
5. For arranging an ordinary party 15000/- 20000/-
5. For arranging re-marriage 20000/- 30000/-

Online Pricing (Without Commission)

  • Christian - 3000 /- (1 Year Duration)
  • Christian Feature listing- 1000 /- (Additional - 30 days Only)
  • Hindu - 2000 /- (1 Year Duration)
  • Hindu Feature listing - 1000 /- (Additional - 30 days Only)
  • Muslim - 2000 /- (1 Year Duration)
  • Muslim Feature listing - 1000 /- (Additional - 30 days Only)


    • Rs. 1000/- (One thousand only) should be remitted on account of stationery charge when the application form is filled up by the candidate.
    • The filled up information will be maintained in file on computer and in the photo album.
    • The registration which was done once will be valid till marriage. 2. To those who remit Rs. 3000/- (Three thousand only) we will do 5 things.
      1. We will make a comparison with the cases which are already in the Data Bank.
      2. Comparison will be done with the newly coming cases too.
      3. We will make suitable allowances available by sending in stensil form Bio-Data and other requirements except the addresses of the parties, to other Bureau which function in association with our bureau.
      4. If needed, we advertise for once the cases in newspapers, make them available, make essential enquiries and introduce the parties to each other by finding the most suitable alliances.
      5. After Registration with us, till the marriage, the photograph and the details of family given by the party will be published on our website.
  1. Those who find it difficult to remit Rs. 3000/- as a whole sum can remit Rs.1500/- in two instalments. Without any delay the candidates will be given five suitable cases. If they don't yield any positive result or on the 15th day on your demand, other five cases will be given to you. The candidate can contact either over phone or by way of letters.
  2. Those who remitted Rs. 1500/- (Rupees One thousand five hundred only) can have full time registration by remitting the remaining Rs. 1500/- also at any time.
  3. Though we will maintain the information and demands of the candidates who haven't remitted the advance amount in our data bank, we will intimate them, only if they come into the selected list of other parties.
  4. The candidates need remit only the remaining amount deducting the remitted amount if marriage happens through our marriage bureau. Even if the marriage did not happen through us, the remitted amount will not be returned to the candidate as the said amount will have been spent already.
  5. Fees will be received as Cash/D.D/Cheque (crossed cheque addressed to the bureau). If the payment is done through DD/Cheque, Registration No. of the candidate, and full address of the candidate should be written in the back on the upper side.
  6. The meetings between the families of the bride and the bridegroom should be done only in the presence of the representative of the marriage bureau.
  7. If the marriage occurs after a meeting between the parties in the absence of our representative, after obtaining address, local address, official address or phone number both the parties shall remit the commission from their respective sides. If one party does not remit the commission, the person who gets the address shall be held liable to remit the amount.
  8. If the marriage of the registered person occurs without our help, we will provide essential service to his/her siblings in the same registration No. without any further remittance of fees.
  9. We shall not be responsible for the amount which is handed over without a receipt having the printed emblem of our agency.
  10. The "to and fro" traveling expense of the field officer, who accompanies the client as a mediator shall be met by the part of the client himself/herself. Such expenses shall be calculated as the expenses additional to these shown in our rate chart/
  11. The agreement should be executed by remitting the service charge on the day of fixing the marriage or before that day.
  12. If any fact, either not given in the bio-data or deliberately concealed from us, and if such an information are found during our parties' enquiry, the registration shall be canceled without a prior notice. The party who does like this, shall be responsible for all risks and costs caused to the next party.
  13. Even if marriage occurs not through our agency, it should be informed to us and the registration must be cancelled.
  14. If a registration card is obtained by a candidate by remitting Rs. 3000/- (Rupees Three thousand only) in any of the bureaus recognized by All Kerala Marriage Bureau, the client will be given service till his/her marriage from other member bureau, without collecting additional registration fees.